Alessaro Making Friends

For some strange reason I recalled my mother’s annual Thanksgiving toast when I was called on to create a mission statement for Alessaro Designs. I dug deep into the meaning of our products; and after mom popped into my head, our purpose came  easy.  You make family when you send our keepsakes.  Friends, clients, business partners become closer to the meaning of family.  

Our cards and keepsakes are more than a piece of paper. They are memories, they are trips remembered, they represent good times, friendships, long standing institutions and they represent a life well lived.

My mother used to say this annual toast for every huge Person Family Thanksgiving celebration:  Please raise your glass  “To family and friends. You are one and the same.”

I look forward you extending your friendships into family by sending or giving our Alessaro keepsakes.

Leslie Person
Alessaro Designs
Santa Barbara, California